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Our Waffle Texture Towel is the perfect tool to save you drying time and protect your curls at the same time.


Texture Towel Benefits


💓  Unique Waffle texture – Our luxury Waffle microfibre material is designed to be gentler than any other microfibre towels on the market. It also makes for great plopping. Ideal for getting the best definition out of curls.


💓  Absorbs without damage – our waffle textured microfibre quickly absorbs excess moisture without damaging or breaking your hair. Ideal for thick and wavy/curly/afro hair types.


💓  One size fits all!


💓  Stays in place – No more towels falling off your head! Our texture towel comes with a button so you can secure your towel onto  your head with ease.





To Dry

Flip head forward, place towel on head, with button at the nape of the neck.

Tuck your hair into the towel and twist the towel around it.

Bring the twisted towel back towards your neck and secure with the button.


To Style/Plop

Apply Leave-in or desire styling products directly to wet hair.

Flip your hair to the side.

Use our texture towel to scrunch your curls from the tips of your hair until desired curls are formed.



Product Info

Use on wet hair to dry or style.


65*25 cm


Waffle Microfibre Material.


Suitable for all hair types.


Customer Reviews

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Best towel i've used

I usually hate microfibre towels because they can be so fluffy. This one is great and feels like a normal towel but with all the benefits

Jessica M
Love this towel

I would never use another towel again. Love how it retains the moisture in my hair without overly drying it! My Fave product