Fall in love with the perfect wash day!

Fall in love with the perfect wash day!

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Don't know what to get your lover this Valentines Day? Don't worry we've got you! For the guys who don't know what to get their curly girlfriends or boyfriends, we have just the thing for you! All our hair tools in the Lilac Dreams Collection are perfect for your lovers perfect wash day! 

Check out our tools for a perfect curly hair routine! And if you want to give your partner a subtle hint to get you any of these hair tools and accessories then send them this link! 

Right let's get to it, shall we?!

Award-Winner Gentle Detangler in Lilac 

This little gem is perfect for keeping your curly/wavy/coily hair tangle-free! This is a must-have detangling tool for in the shower and we can guarantee your curly loved one will enjoy using it in the shower!  Gentle on your strands - Detangling can be a stressful business  but our Gentle Detangler is designed to gently work through your knots, the soft bristles won't allow you to forcefully detangle your hair. 


Give Me A Hand Shampoo Brush in Lilac 

They do say the greatest gifts come in small packages... well this shampoo is like no other and is a heavenly edition to your wash day routine. It has the longest teeth on the market, helping you get the deepest clean, and it the most effective scalp exfoliation you can get from any other shampoo brush. It is also highly hygienic as ours is 100% silicone. Meaning you will get no cracks for water to creep in or mould to manifest. Our Shampoo Brushes are easy to clean too! 

Waffel Textre Towel Lilac Dreams 

This bad boy saves you drying time and protect your curls at the same time. Let us walk you through how. The luxury microfiber material is designed to be gentler than any other microfiber towel on the market, making it great for plopping. Making it an essential for drying your hair, saves you time when diffusing your hair. It quickly absorbs excess moisture without damaging or breaking your hair. This is key for any curly wanting to save time and to keep their curls/waves/coils and afros healthy. 

Comb Duo Lilac Dreams 

These twin flames bring your hairstyles to life with precision. The Tail Comb can be used to comb and part your hair. While the Sectioning Comb is designed to give you precision when parting your hair and you can use the other side to section larger parts of your hair. If your curly loved one loves creating their own hairstyles then is not only a want but a need!! 

Trio Silk Scrunchies in Lilac 

These scrunchies can become a reminder of you, if you gift this to your curly loved one this Valentines Day! Spoiling them doesn't mean you it can't be a memory of you. Especially when this set is super gentle on your hair as they avoid pulling, tugging and tangling. Preventing creasing, kinking, breakage and Frizz like your regular hair scrunchies. These are a natural hair must-have! 

Curl Essentials Set Lilac Dreams 

We left the best till last! Every Curly friend deserves this set as it is the ultimate gift set which already comes in a cute wash bag. It saves you the time of picking out which hair tools is better, as this set comes with the Award-Winner Gentle Detangler, our Shampoo Brush, and our Curl Comb. A Collection of Tools tailored to meet your curly hair needs! For those of you who love the typical pink, then check out our Pink Curl Essentials Set here. 

So there you go, all the dreamy Lilac hair tools which are a must-have for any natural curly. Why not share the love for curly hair this Valentine's by sharing one of these gifts with your curly loved ones, we promise they'll love you forever if you do (unless you mess up in the future...then that's your fault) 


Love No Knot Co x


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