Winter Curly Hair Tips

Winter Curly Hair Tips

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Part One of The Winter Curly Hair Tips 

Are you feeling frustrated, frosty, and forever confused on how to treat your hair during the winter time? Well since winter is around the corner it is important to make sure you are listening to your hair! See our Top 3 Tips on how to care for your curls during the winter season. 

 Top Tip: Lock in Moisture Wash Day Essential 



During winter time the air is very dry and this causes your curls/waves and coils to become dry during this season. This then causes your curls to become a little more frizzy too! I know, we do not like the look of dry and frizzy hair either!! So our first tip is to help prevent your hair from becoming dry we recommend using the technique of locking in moisture.   

To get a good balance between using too much product it is good to start with small amounts first. We recommend looking out for this particular ingredient “Glycerin” because this is known to pull in moisture from the air to keep your hair moisturised. It’s basically like magic!! 

Check below some products which we recommend using to wash your curls/waves and coils with: 

For those who love a good co wash we recommend using the Curl Smith Co Wash which is full of wonderful ingredients such as the famous Glycerin, coconut oil, avocado oil and sunflower oil.

Noughty also has shampoo and conditioner to help your curls, waves and coils to feel moisturised during your wash days! Buy the shampoo here and the conditioner here. 

We would also recommend using our shampoo brush to get the full benefits. It stimulates hair growth, and gently cleanses your scalp at the same time. Buy here.

Though if you have high porosity hair we recommend avoiding glycerin as it may impact your hair differently. Causing it to be flat and dull, which is not the look you’ve been looking for this winter! For this we recommend using hair oils, and now you’re in luck because now loads of brands are including hair oils in their shampoos and conditioners!!  Read here our blog post of different hair oils for damaged dry hair! 


Top Tip: Pro..Protein Products! 


I know your hair is going through some seasonal depression and you need some soft shiny curls/waves and coils but you also do not want all these products to weigh your hair down. So you need to lock in that moisture we just spoke about with some protein!! It is like a protective shield to help your hair stay moisturised. 

This could be in the form of deep conditioners that have protein in them, curly creams, even co wash products. To search for this you need to find the ingredient hydrolysed "protein name" this could range from any source of protein, some popular ones are soya and quinoa. 

We would recommend these protein based products and oils: 

This Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino with Avocado Oil Co wash is perfect for keeping your curl pattern and helping with that frizz! Buy here! 

Flora and curls Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion brings you the protein and the it is also plant powered with beautiful flower extracts and rosemary to keep our curls, coils, and waves smooth and shiny! Buy here. 

 To detangle your curls and maintain it smooth, we recommend using our gentle detangler, not only is it our award winner it is also one of our most popular products! Buy yours now here. 

For a good deep conditioner filled with protein why not try Amika’s Kure Intense Bond Repair Mask.  It has hydrolysed quinoa protein, which is perfect as a deep conditioner. Make sure that you follow the correct instructions of all your products. We recommend using a deep conditioner on a weekly basis. Buy yours here.


Top Tip: Styling with oils and mouse? 



Ok, hear us out! Using a mousse is not going to disrupt your curl pattern as it is a lighter hold for your hair. If you have low porosity hair you can use some curly cream before applying the mousse and oils. To scrunch out your strands you can rub some oil in your hands and start de-clumping your hair. Again, start using small amounts of products and then work your way around your hair in sections. Try our  Sectioning Clips in pink to help you separate your curls. 

For this part we would recommend using the  Vegan friendly Curl Comb to spread out your favourite curly cream. We would recommend using the Curl Smith Light Protein Cream. Buy yours here!  

We would Recommend these products: 

This Camile Rose moisture milk has a good balance between protein and moisturising ingredients too! Get your hands on this curly hair essentials now! 

This Curl smith Mousse is perfect too as it has rice protein and oils with a blend of guava and blackcurrant extract!  

We would also recommend using our Afro Pik and the Lilac Duo combs to help you style and create volume. Taking styling to new heights and to create your desired style. 

Tune in for part 2 where we discuss some more tips from some special influencers!! 

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