5 Inspirational Black Women

5 Inspirational Black Women

Inserito da Dayana Hidalgo il giorno

1. Dr Mae Jemison- Astronaut, Engineer & Physician

Dr Mae Jemison is the first black woman to travel into space, she has also funded a technology research company, then later on formed a non-profit educational foundation. Jemison has also written various children books and has taken part in many television shows such as Star Trek. She has been giving back to society in many different ways and we love her for it!

2. Beverly Ann Johnson- Actress/ model/ singer/business woman 

Johnson is the first black model to be on the front cover of American Vogue!  Johnson changed the beauty ideal in US fashion as all the popular fashion designers wanted to feature more black models. We love seeing black women shaking things up!!


3. Josephine Baker-Actress 

Baker was the the first black woman to feature in a popular motion picture back in 1934, and refused to perform for segregated audiences in America. Baker is equally known for her work in the Civil Rights Movement. She really took her roles without fear and stood her ground, something that we truly admire at No Knot Co. 

4. Rosa Parks – Activist

Rosa Parks was most commonly known for standing her ground too. In 1955, after a long shift at work, Rosa waited for a bus with empty seats. Then finally got one with a seat in the overflow section [if this part was available then any black person could sit in the empty seat]. But when the white section became full, Rosa and others were asked to move. She refused and did not leave her seat. Rosa was arrested and jailed. The protest that came from it caught the attention of the whole country. This chain reaction made the US government change the bus system, and it finally became integrated! 


5. Rebecca Lee Crumpler- American Physician 

Rebecca Lee Crumpler became the first African-American black woman in the United States to receive an MD degree back in 1864. She also took it upon herself to write an educational book about her medical course which she dedicated to nurses and mothers. What a wonderful gift to leave behind! 

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