Winter Curly Hair Tips (Part Two)

Winter Curly Hair Tips (Part Two)

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Welcome back to Winter Curly Hair Tips Part Two!!

I know last time we gave you some top tips on hair products and tools to use during the winter time. However, this time round we have some Top Tips from our Brand Ambassador Rusheen!! 

Rusheen has type 4b/c hair, a beautiful fro- which we love at No Knot Co and today she is going to walk you through some of her changes to her curly hair care routine. Including her wash day routine and what she does when styling her hair. Every hair type is different so it is always great to see what other natural curly hair babes are doing to help care for their hair, so here are her top tips! 

1. Lock in moisture: 

I apply leave in conditioner or hair lotion, then seal in the moisture with an oil. I usually twist or plait my hair after applying leave in or lotion to keep the moisture locked into my strands. 

2. Deep Condition: 

Deep condition regularly. Don’t just use a rinse out conditioner. Deep condition for 30 mins with heat or 45 mins with a plastic cap on.  What I like doing is applying a leave in or lotion to the hair regularly in between wash days, to help with restoring that moisture. 

3. Styling Essentials:

Avoid heat when possible, I would say that if you are using heat, make sure you use a heat protectant. I would also recommend to use lightweight styling products to avoid weighing your hair down. In the winter time you will notice your hair changing so do not put too much product on your hair as it wont make it better, you should actually avoid doing that as it will start to weigh your hair down.

Remember these are just some pointers and make sure you test out what works for your hair! The best hair care routine comes from you, as you know what works well for your hair. 

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @noknotco and Rusheen @rusheeenshair. In Part 3 we will be getting some top tips from another special someone so keep your eyes peeled! 


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