Curl Essentials Set Lilac Dreams

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Il nostro best seller Curl Essentials Set è tornato !!! Rilancio in Lilla. Una collezione di strumenti su misura per soddisfare le tue esigenze di capelli ricci! Perfetto per regali o per te stesso: i giorni di lavaggio sono diventati molto più facili. Il set viene fornito con una borsa per pennelli lilla in omaggio.


💓 Dammi una mano (spazzola per shampoo): uno strumento unico per imitare le dita progettato per sostituire il districare le dita che può essere utilizzato anche come massaggiatore del cuoio capelluto. Materiale: silicone alimentare al 100%.

💓 Gentle Detangler - Il nostro Gentle Detangler è stato creato con pannelli flessibili per meno rotture e un modo più delicato per districare i capelli. Materiale: 100% silicone.

💓 Pettine per arricciare: dì addio ai nodi con il nostro primo pettine districante che riduce al minimo le rotture. Può essere usato per acconciare i capelli.

Informazioni sul prodotto

Utilizzare su capelli bagnati o asciutti (si consiglia di utilizzare la spazzola delicata districante solo su capelli bagnati)

Adatto a tutti i tipi di capelli.

Ordine prestabilito

Tutti i preordini di Lilac Dream saranno spediti martedì 16 febbraio 2021

Customer Reviews

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Not all tools useful

Shampoo Brush: I have never used a shampoo brush before but after trying this one I could never go back to not using one. This silicone brush has soft enough bristles to not be too harsh to the scalp while still massaging the scalp nicely and distributing the shampoo evenly. I also find that you do not need as much shampoo using this brush as it lathers up the shampoo nicely. Furthermore, I have also noticed that using this shampoo brush makes the hair a lot softer (tried the same shampoo with and without this brush). Absolutely love it. I just wish that the pink version would be sold separately as well so that I can buy the pink one too.
Detangling Brush: Unfortunately, I really do not like this detangling brush at all. I find the bristles are far too stiff so that it hurts my scalp when using it (I have only slightly wavy hair, so maybe people with curly hair will not experience the same). Furthermore, I find it does not detangle my hair easily and pulls out a lot more hair than my other detangling brush. I have stopped using this one.
Curl Comb: As I have only wavy hair I do not really have some good use for it. I was hoping that I could use the comb for distributing product evenly in my wet or dry hair, however, I find it really pulls my hair despite having my hair brushed out before using the comb so I have stopped using it.

Marie C

Utiliser sur cheveux crépus (afro) la brosse à shampooing ou brosse massante est idéale pour laver le cuir chevelu en douceur, surtout ne pas frotter trop fort et pénètre bien la fibre capillaire.
La brosse "démêlant doux" est super géniale, C'est mon outil préféré utilisé comme le dit le descriptif sur cheveux mouillé ou humide séparer en section après avoir appliqué une crème coiffante, cette brosse fait son job démêle bien, très peu de casse je le recommande fortement et ne regrette pas de l'avoir acheté et je compte racheter une autre.

Jayne M
Just amazing.

I’ve always struggled with what tools to buy for my 3c/4a hair. This set is great because it has everything I need on wash day!! The best.

Sandra C
My second curl essential set!!!

I already own the black one, and it is GREAT!!!! I loved it so much I'm ordering again in lilac so I can have two colours. and to be honest if they release another colour I will probably order that too lol I just love being able to have such pretty hair brushes in my bathroom. thank you!