Give Me A Hand Shampoo Brush

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Ready to upgrade your wash days? Our shampoo brush has the longest teeth on the market, helping you get the deepest clean and most effective scalp exfoliation than from any other shampoo brush. *  

Scalp exfoliation encourages hair growth. it helps remove scalp dandruff and is the perfect tool for scalp treatments. Made from 100% high-grade silicone, it is easy to clean and our gentle bristles won’t irritate your scalp. This tool will take your hair routine to the next level!


Suitable Hair Types

All hair types particularly Type 2-4 

This is also a great tool for children


Shampoo Brush Benefits

💓  Gentle on your scalp – You won’t have to worry about scalp irritation with our 100% silicone teeth.

💓  Hygienic – Unlike other shampoo brushes on the market, ours is 100% silicone. No cracks for water to creep in or mould to manifest. Our Shampoo brushes are easy to clean!

💓  2-in-1 – Want to finger detangle, but don’t want to use your actual fingers? Our Shampoo Brush has finger mimicking bristles so it can also be used as a finger detangler,


How to use the Shampoo Brush 

Our brush can be used to:

Massage oil treatments into the scalp.

Massage your shampoo for a deep clean. (works with your: Cowash, non-foamy Shampoo, and foamy Shampoo’s alike).

 Finger detangle your hair with conditioner in.

Product Info

100% Solid Silicone 

Use on Wet or Dry Hair


Product Care

Do not use with Heat 


*Results may vary depending on hair type and correct usage of the brushes.