Paddle Detangler (Lilac)

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A detangling hair brush.

Detangle your hair in seconds with the Flexi Paddle Brush. This large brush in the classic paddle shape that is made for detangling wet conditioned strands. The firm, spaced bristles make it perfect for thick hair, whilst the flexible panels allows your brush to detangler your knots with ease. 


Suitable Hair Types

All hair types. 


Paddle Detangler Benefits

💓  Flexible on your Knots - Our Flexi panels are designed to flex over your knots until your are knot-less.

💓  Firm Detangling - designed to detangle the knottiest of knots.

💓  BPA Free - it can be hard to find products for Wavy, curly, Afro hair that is also great for the planet! All our Detanglers are BPA free and can be recycled. 



How to use the Paddle brush

Always use on wet or conditioned hair for best results 

Section your hair and detangle starting from the ends working your way up to the roots .

Product Info

Brush is 100% Rubber

Use on Wet hair 

Product Care

Do not use with Heat 

Can be replaced if bristles misshapen or stop being effective.


Hair Type Guide


*Results may vary depending on hair type and correct usage of the brushes.

Your Ultimate Detangling Companion

Say Goodbye to Knots with Our Paddle Detangler Brush

Packaging Perfection

Unveil the Beauty of Our Paddle Detangler's Presentation

Customer Reviews

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So I have a gentle detangler and the ultimate detangler. I love them both but my hair is really thick and long. this works so well for me. my favourite brush