Black Friday Christmas Deals

Black Friday Christmas Deals

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Here at No Knot Co we know all you lovely curlfriends want to prepare for Christmas so have prepared the ultimate guide! Let's jump straight in!! 

Bestseller Curl Essentials Set in Lilac and Pink 


We KNOW!! This has been on the wish list for many curlfriends and we wanted this to come back so bad too! So many of you have requested this so no wonder it has become our bestseller!! This set includes our gentle detangler, our shampoo brush, and our curl comb. This set is valued at £30 and can be found in lilac or pink! 

Stocking Fillers Sectioning me Clips 

This is a good present for stocking fillers for your curly hair mums out there and even for the kids! They are handy for detangling in sections, styling, and creating volume when diffusing your hair, we have these in Pink and Black. This Black Friday get the Pink Section Clips for £10.20 and the black sectioning clips for £8.93. You do not need to miss out! Why not try our new Vegan-friendly combs too, they're a super cute addition to your bathroom. Prices range from £7.23 - £10.20. 


Styling Queens

For the styling queens why not get them the Lilac Comb Duo! They are very popular among Instagram influencers with the likes of @keshiaeast_ @rusheenshair @elissescurls @ashleecurls  Was £10 and Now £8.50. You can also get the Slick Brush and the Styling Brush which are usually priced at £12 and £16. Now you can find the Slick Brush at £10.20 for the Styling Brush and £13.60. 

Slay Detangling 

Why not get some of our best Detanglers to help make wash days easier and quicker!! Gain back sometime during wash days with our Award Winner Gentle Detangler in Black and Lilac (Was £15 and now £12.75. Check out our Ultimate Detangler in Black and Orange (was £15 and now £12.75), use our Flexi Detangler (was £12 and now £10.20) for those tight curls and why not use our wide-tooth comb for a vegan-friendly choice. 

Scalp-treatment must haves 

For those of you who are in need of some scalp treatment on a weekly basis then our Shampoo Brush in Black or Lilac, it is the perfect gift! This brilliant brush can stimulate hair growth whilst gently cleansing your scalp. This can be used to apply oil treatments too and is an amazing scalp massager if you like a little spa treatment why not get someone else to apply the oils for you!! Get yours now at the sale price of £8.50. To help maintain your curls and scalp in good condition we would also recommend using the silk pillowcase, which is now priced at £25.50.  


Check out what other products are on our sale here. 


Happy Black Friday Shopping Curlfriends x

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