Meet our Founder

Meet our Founder

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Where did the inspiration for No Knot Co hair tools come from? 

It’s been a lifelong struggle of about 29 years. I've just never found the right tools that work for my hair. And when we went into the 2020 lockdown, I really took it as an opportunity to really care for my hair. I was buying the best products and following all these YouTube curly hair tutorials. Then I found that I didn't have the tools to match. When I started looking into it, I just thought, oh my God, there's actually not a lot of hair tool companies out there that are women owned, black owned or curly hair owned. So I thought “well, if it's not out there, I'm going to create it myself.”

What does being naturally curly mean to you? 

It means a lot because I feel like even though it's becoming a lot more popular now, I feel like people haven't always embraced their naturally curly hair.  I myself used to straighten it a lot when I was younger.
So being able to now find the products and tools in the UK to be able to care for my hair is a great feeling.

What product was the most fun to create? 

I think it has to be the curl essentials set because I'd never seen a set like it in my life. It was something that just came to me and I thought, oh my God, what if you could just have one set where you could have all the tools that you need in it?
That was definitely the most fun for me. As I designed the brush bag and when it came to life and I first had it in my hands, I was like, oh my God. It's still one of our most popular products to this date. I am very happy!

What was the best reaction to one of your detanglers or brushes? 

Definitely has to be the gentle detangler in lilac because not only did we win a glamour beauty award for best hair brush of 2021, but it is the bestselling detangler. And also it's just so aesthetically pleasing! It’s in lilac and I love that colour. 

Who would your dream dinner curly guests be? 

Well, it's either going to have to be Tracee Ellis. I believe she's the founder of pattern beauty, she's just amazing and I love the brand that she's created. And then also, founder of bounce Curls (Merian Mismmo) because, oh my God, those products are just insanely good.

Who's in your  feel-good playlist right now? 

I mean, it has to be Doja Cat. She's probably on everyone's playlist, but she's definitely on mine. 

3 other hair brands you would like to spotlight?  

1. I love Curl Smith. I think it has been the game changer for me. Uh, this year I saw loads of people trying the products out and they were everywhere. When I tried them myself, I understood what the hype was all about. So definitely going to be Curl Smith.
2. I also love Trepadora. Their products are so luxurious that they really work and their founder is a curly girl. So I love that.
3. And then bounce curls of course, because I just love her products. I don't think there's one product that I haven't tried that I don't love.  

What is the best advice you’ve ever given to a curly? 

The best advice that I could ever give is when you're starting your curly journey, whether it's because you've been straightening your hair or you've got a lot of heat damage. Definitely get a curly hair cut because that just changes the game.
Having the right shape can completely transform and change your curly hair routine. But also patience, because when I first transitioned from straightening my hair to having it naturally curly, it took almost a year for me to even see curls really form in my hair. Thirdly, I would say have the right tools and the right products because when you figure out what your hair needs and you stick to a routine that changes the game completely. 

What’s next for No Knot Co?

I feel like we've captured the hair tool market and I think some curly hair products would be really fun. I'm thinking about some hair oils, because that's the next thing that I've been searching for on the market and I haven't quite found my perfect hair oil. Maybe some new tools in some new colours... I'm very excited to see what's next.
“Well, if it's not out there, I'm going to create it myself.” - Keshia East x



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