Diffuse with no Frizz

Diffuse with no Frizz

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Did someone say diffuse with no frizz? Yes, lets go through all the juicy tips! But first let me give you a little background on diffusers!

A diffuser can be  your best friend so long as you’re using it right! Now I am pretty sure that the majority of you curly babes out there own a diffuser, and let’s be honest we can’t live without them. So let me guide you on how to use it properly, and how to get those voluminous curls you’ve always wanted without damaging your curl pattern!!

A diffuser attachment is made for your waves/curls and to disperse the airflow of a blow dryer. It’s aim is to dry your hair nice and gently whilst reducing the amount of frizz. It is also designed to maintain your own curl pattern and to create volume! 

Taking it back to the 90’s there was one standard diffuser that nearly every curly babe had, but as time went on the options for a diffuser evolved. As does every other thing in the world! So choosing one now has become a little more interesting. 

Here are some diffusers that have been on the market making all the curly babes talk so let's get into it, shall we?!

DevaCurl DevaFuser Buy now:

We have seen the likes of Zendeya using this to dry her curly locks… so what is all the fuss about? Well, this diffuser is said to fit onto smaller hair dryers, and the very famous green hand is said to rotate 360 degrees in order to dry the roots and hair gently. Though some have said it was a bit of a handful to accommodate around your head whilst your diffusing, it is still seen as a popular option. 

The Silicone Diffuser Buy Now:  

This Curl Keeper pop-up silicone curl diffuser has caused some mixed emotions, but don't worry we won’t be playing with your feelings here!  Now this diffuser is known to be the best diffuser to travel with, hence the pop-up feature and it’s also said to stretch over almost every hair dryer. 

Scirocco Universal Diffuser Buy Now: 

Then there's your usual universal open diffuser that has been the no. 1 choice for all the curly babes for many years! This one in particularly good to put on and take off your typical hair dryer with no fuss. 

Let's start with the settings, it is recommended by many curly hair experts to put the settings on a cool temperature and a low flow of air, so that your beautiful curls do not break- because safety means better curls! This will also ensure that you do not have frizz forming and keeps your hair moisturised instead of drying it out. 

No Knot Co Top Tip: use the cool button (most of you should have this on your hair dryer) at the end once you are done drying your hair on the lowest setting.

Right, that's all the temperature set, now how to diffuse properly! 

Once you have finished your washing routine and added your fave styler, section your hair in the direction that you want it to dry in. Allowing your hair to air dry just a little before diffusing is recommended as it cuts down the blow drying time ;) 

Attach the diffuser accordingly and put the settings to low heat (medium if you have a looser curl pattern).  Then cup your hair into the diffuser up towards the scalp. Hold it in place for up to 20-30 seconds. Then you're ready to move onto the next section. Keep on going around your head tilting your head depending on the side you’re on and voila!

No Knot Co Top Tip: if you have coily hair it is best to diffuse a little further away from the roots so that there is less shrinkage and frizz, and use the lowest temperature and air flow. 

Creating volume for your curls is a technique we can all practice! Yes sis even you reading. All you need is to add some tools and products to your routine.  For example you could add in some mousse, and place some sectioning clips at the root before drying your hair so it can hold the lift you’re creating. You can then go ahead and start diffusing your hair. Though the quickest and fastest way is to simply flip your head upside down whilst your diffusing and say hello to voluminous curls!!

  • Using your hands whilst your diffusing-it can cause more frizz and disturb your curl pattern
  • Using high heat and high air settings-it could damage your hair in the long run
  • Fluffing/touching any other areas outside of the root of your hair- again it could cause more frizz and disturb your curl pattern 

Let us know in the comments what your top tips are for diffusing your curls!  

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