Expert Advice For Epic Curls

Expert Advice For Epic Curls

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Do you wish to have a curl expert on speed dial? Well, you have come to the right place... you’re welcome!!!  We will unlock the tips and tricks to epic curls, brought to you by our curl expert Raquel, who is also known as @beyondcurls who is a pro at slaying curls!!! Look no further and let’s dive into her world of curls…

Raquel is a London based curl expert, infamous for her dry curly cuts. She's probably cut the tresses of some curl babes you may know, including; Singer Emelie Sande, Influencers @Curlygallal and @keshieast_ to name a few. We sat down with her as she shared her top tips for healthy hair. 


How did you get started and become a curl expert?

I started learning about how to care for my hair at the age of 15 following my big chop. At this time, there wasn't a lot of information around. A lot of what I learnt was trial and error. I was at university on the path to becoming a Sports Therapist when I decided I wanted to work with curly hair. I soon left university to begin assisting in my mother's hair salon. I then went to hair school to become a qualified hairdresser and travelled to New York to receive specialised curl training in a well-known academy. Most of my expertise came from caring for my own hair and hands-on experience in working with various different clients and hair types.

What is a common misconception about curly hair?

"That you must Co-Wash"... I'm not a fan of this method. I believe that our scalp should be washed with cleansing agents which are not found in conditioners. Over time, co-washing can create build-up which can breed to other scalp problems. My advice is that a cleanser is used weekly in one's hair routine.

What are your top tips for looking after curly hair at home? 

D&D - Detangle & Deep-Conditioning. Detangling thoroughly every time you wash your hair. It may be easier to detangle before cleansing if you have thick or highly textured hair. Detangling should be done on wet hair with lots of conditioner. This is will also protect your length & ends during cleansing.

Deep conditioning with a mask every 1-2 weeks. This is usually done after cleansing and left on for approx 30mins and rinsed. If you have wavy/very fine hair, you can use the mask before cleansing and leave on for a shorter amount of time. This is to not over moisturise and weigh hair down.

What are your top 3 products when it comes to treating curly/Afro hair?

  1. Sectioning clips - you will need this to detangle and style thoroughly
  2. Diffuser/Hood dryer - a diffuser can help with extra definition and volume/hood dryer is especially beneficial for tighter low porosity hair to help dry quicker and set the curls
  3. Conditioning mask- Hydrates curls which means less breakage and ultimately results in healthier hair!

For those of you who don’t know where to start on their natural hair journey here are some Raquel’s starter tips: 

  1. Switch to a sulphate-free cleanser and use at least once a week.
  2. Deep conditioning with a hydrating mask after cleansing once a week.
  3. Use a protein-based treatment at least once a month.
  4. Switch to a t-shirt material towel instead of a Terry towel and apply a leave-in conditioner on wet hair before using a towel.
  5. Not being afraid of using Gel and getting a cast - it helps to define and hold curls.

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-NoKnotCo x

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