Mini Detangler

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A mini hybrid detangling/styling brush for curly hair types.

Sort your hair needs on-the-go with the No Knot Co Mini Detangler. Made with flexible materials that evenly distribute pressure while brushing, this hairbrush promises less breakage and less shedding, while being super gentle on your strands. Say hello to healthy and happy hair.


Suitable Hair Types

All hair types particularly Type 2-3 

This is also a great detangler for children


Gentle Detangler Benefits

💓  Gentle on your strands - Detangling can be a stressful business our Mini detangle has flexible teeth designed to gently work through your knots.

💓  Travel size - Our mini detangler is the perfect tool - on the go!

💓  Hybrid - Our mini detangler is perfect for styling and detangling.


How to use the Mini Detangler

Always use on wet or conditioned hair for best results 

Section your hair and detangle starting from the ends working your way up to the roots 


Product Info

Brush is 100% Silicone 

Product Care

Do not use with Heat 

Can be replaced if bristles misshapen or stop being effective.