Mini Essentials Set

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A set of two mini hair styling tools.

Everyday is a good hair day with No Knot Co’s Mini Essentials Set. With a gentle mini detangler and a firm but flexible edges tool included, this set is perfect for detangling, combing, slicking and parting your hair with ease.



Set includes:

💓 Mini detangler - Our travel friendly, detangling and styling brush

💓 The Edges Tool - A firm but delicate styling tool that allows you to comb, part and slick your edges with ease



Mini detangler:

Always use on we and conditioned hair for best results.

Section your hair and detangle from the ends working your way up to the roots.

Edges tool:

Use the comb or brush to detangle, smooth or part your hair.


Product Info

Use on Wet or Dry Hair 

TPEE Plastic // Nylon & Boar bristles



Suitable for all hair types.