What Should I use to Lock in Moisture?

What Should I use to Lock in Moisture?

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Should you lock in moisture with leave-in conditioner or hair oil ? Which one is better? How to use them? 
We have quite a few questions to answer and help you understand what both products are good for, and how they benefit your hair. 
They both act as a moisturiser however a leave-in conditioner can be seen as a better way to lock in moisture as they tend to have loads of beneficial ingredients inside.  Hair oils however, do tend to have more natural ingredients than a leave-in conditioner. If you prefer hair products with natural ingredients, which seems to be the case nowadays, then you should probably opt for a good natural hair oil.
Sis, can we use both? 
Don't worry we’ve got that covered too!  

Advantages and disadvantages of Leave-In Conditioner

  • Your hair will be super soft 
  • When you blow dry or use styling tools you hair will stay strong
  • It can contain your frizziness 
  • It usually smells amazing and lasts throughout the day
  • When you use too much of it it can weigh your natural hair down
  • It may feel heavier if your hair is thick
  • It can cause you to have greasy hair especially if you're prone to having greasy hair

Advantages and disadvantages of Hair Oil

  • It helps prevent your hair from breakage
  • It helps keep your hair moisturised and smooth
  • Your hair becomes more manageable to style
  • It cannot make your hair stronger or thicker
  • It may not feel amazing when you apply it to your hair
  • Some smells can be quite strong if you don’t like particular oils

Can you use them daily? 

The answer is no, you want to make sure them every other day. For example you can incorporate an oil one day and then two days later use a leave-in conditioner. You also need to use the right amount in order to get the best results. Espeically those with a looser curl patter it is best to use less otherwise you'll start to weigh down your natural hair making it feel heavy, which is harder to style and your natural texture will not come through! 
I am sure you don’t want to be washing your hair again because you used too much oil or leave-in conditioner. You do not want to complicate your wash days, so please, please please, use small amounts first and check how much your hair needs!
We would recommend washing your hair once a week if you have curly, coily or afro hair types and if you have wavy hair or finer curls we recommend washing your hair twice a week. Though this truly depends on the porosity of your hair, and how often you co wash your hair.
Depending on what you’re looking for either shiny or moisturised hair, we would suggest to use leave-in conditioners to keep your natural hair smooth and moisturised! Though, using hair oils helps your hair look shinier and feel healthier than a leave-in conditioner. They both have amazing results and benefits, so you need to  research and discover the product that suits your wavy, curly, coily hair the most. 

Can you sleep with Hair Oils in your hair? 

No because it could get messy and it also makes your pillows oily meaning it could get into your face, which could lead to you  having breakouts. When sleeping with hair oil in it can create smooth and healthy looking hair for the next day, but we would recommend using it straight after you shower so it is absorbed well.

Can you sleep with a leave-in conditioner? 

Nothing can happen to your pillows if you sleep with a leave-in conditioner in your hair. There is  really no point in doing this, your hair needs some TLC during the day not night. So It is best to use it during the day, so that it can keep your hair moisturised. At night it can cause your scalp pores to clog up or you could get greasy hair the following day, particularly if you use leave-in conditioner again throughout the week. Build up of products is a no no if you want to keep your hair healthy and smooth. 

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