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New Year New Hair

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New Year New Hair... who is this new you? Always wanted to try out something new with your hair? Need some hair inspo? No Knot Co is here to give you the trendy looks that are here to stay!! 

This year we challenge you to embrace all aspects of yourself, the good and the bad because let's face it there are things we all need to improve on. So don't be scared to ask yourself the hard questions, and learn more about yourselves this year. Take the first step to embracing change by switching it up with some cool and quirky hairstyles and hair cuts. Our hair inspo is for those who want to start small and for those who want to go all out! 


First up let's start with small... Adding some yummy layers to your hair! 

Layers are perfect to give you that puff for your curly wavy hair. This would suit those with thin hair and need that extra volume, but if you have thick hair it would also help you balance out the heaviness of your curls! You are not going to want to miss out on having big bouncy curls, so what are you waiting for? Go get your layers done curlfriends! 

Photo Credit: @oliviacalabio

If you a little change then why not add a pop of colour? 

Let the beautiful @mcleodmanna show you how to rock a streak of colour! It's as adventurous as it looks! Though those of you with naturally dark hair we would recommend introducing an olaplex treatment in your hair care routine as your curls can become a little dry. This is perfect for those of you who want that slight edgy look. Let us know what streaks of colours you want to try? 

Photo Credit: @mcleodmanna

You brave souls out there looking to dye your hair completely don't worry we've got you too! 

Here we have the unapologetic Cherry with some blond locks/almost white, is perfect for those of you wanting to give yourself a whole makeover. Your glorious curls will definitely stand out in the crowd but why not? 

Photo Credit: @cherrychy_

The honey Dewy look! 

This gorgeous colour is perfect to give you that extra glow. It emphasises your volume. Keeping some of your natural hair colour helps create a sense of shadow creating the illusion of fullness. This is another great way to enhance the volume of your curly waves! 

Photo Credit: @amanda__guido

Want to give people something to talk about? How about a big chop?  

Well, this last hair inspo is just for you!! We give the beautiful @lyssamariexo who has short curly hair and bangs! The greatest combo, that really highlights your pretty face! 

Photo Credit: @lyssamariexo

There you have it curlfriends, all the hair inspo for 2022! Let us know in the comments which style or chop you're going to go with this year? 


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