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Want to try our award winning Gentle Detangler? You've come to the right place. Our Gentle Detangler is created with flexible panels for less breakage and a gentler way to detangle your hair.* Winner of the Cosmo beauty awards 2021 as the best detangling hair brush. 


Suitable Hair Types

All hair types particularly Type 2-3 

This is also a great detangler for children


Gentle Detangler Benefits

💓  Gentle on your strands - Detangling can be a stressful business our Gentle Detangler is designed to gently work through your knots, the soft bristles won't allow you to forcefully detangle your hair - which can cause damage.

💓  Less shredding - used correctly it is possible to have minimal - no shedding using our gentle detangler.*

💓  Perfect for looser curls - it can be hard to find products for curly hair that is also fine. Our gentle detangler has the perfect balance to detangle whilst preserving your curl pattern.


How to use the Gentle Detangler

Always use on wet or conditioned hair for best results 

Section your hair and detangle starting from the ends working your way up to the roots 


Product Info

Brush is 100% Silicone 

Use on Wet hair 

Product Care

Do not use with Heat 

Can be replaced if bristles misshapen or stop being effective.


Hair Type Guide

*Results may vary depending on hair type and correct usage of the brushes.

Unlock Smooth, Tangle-Free Hair

Experience the Power of Our Award-Winning Gentle Detangler

Packaging Perfection

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Katy Smith
Great gentle brush

I have curly hair and use this to detangle in the shower when I have conditioner on, it's very easy on the hair and I love it


Recently got the paddle brush which is my new fave. But still use this one when i'm travelling, i like the handle is easy to hang

Amanda Rod
WOW best detangler I've ever used

Honestly this makes wash days and detangling so much better. I can never get along with hair brushes usually but this is totally different and so easy to clean. 10/10 for me.


Unfortunately, I really do not like this detangling brush at all. I find the bristles are far too stiff so that it hurts my scalp when using it (I have only slightly wavy hair, so maybe people with curly hair will not experience the same). Furthermore, I find it does not detangle my hair easily and pulls out a lot more hair than my other detangling brush. I have stopped using this one.

Marie C

Super géniale c'est mon outil préféré utilisé comme le dit le descriptif sur cheveux mouillé ou humide séparer en section après avoir appliqué une crème coiffante, cette brosse fait son job démêle bien, très peu de casse je le recommande fortement et ne regrette pas de l'avoir acheté et je compte racheter une autre.