Should I brush my hair during or after the shower?

Should I brush my hair during or after the shower?

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Should I brush my hair during or after the shower?

Well the answer looks simple- you would probably say during, right? But let's discover the importance of brushing and detangling your hair. 

Did you know that the way we decide to wash, dry and brush our hair directly impacts how healthy and strong our hair is? As you may already know our haircare routine can be long and overwhelming as there are so many underlying conditions, ingredients, different brands, dietary options, and even different hair care choices that affects the overall health of our hair. That is why we bring you this juicy article on how and when to brush and detangle your curls/waves/coils. 

Brushing your hair after you shower can cause a lot of damage, as your hair follicles are weaker when its wet so it is best to use the right tools to insure your hair not getting pulled. First let's look at the difference between detangling on wet hair and brushing your dry hair! 

In shower detangling- best time to detangle your hair 

  1. It is quicker and easier to detangle whilst you have conditioner in your hair 
  2. It causes less breakage as you have good slip 
  3. You can style your hair too to keep your curl pattern 

    If you like to brush your hair we recommend: 

    1. Do the same steps as above "detangle in the shower"
    2. Then let your hair air dry or diffuse your hair for as long as possible (Read how to diffuse your hair the right way here
    3. Then use a wide tooth comb or afro pick to brush out your hair and to get the clumps out but do not tug and pull your hair, be gentle with it.

    Final thoughts

    It is very important to have a hair care routine that suits you, now you know the difference between brushing your hair and detangling your hair and what type of brushed to use. Doing both will help keep you curl pattern, as long as you do so gently! Keep your curls/waves and coils healthy by using the right tools, and the best technique that you know your hair loves!! 

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