Winter Curly Hair Tips (Part Three)

Winter Curly Hair Tips (Part Three)

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Welcome back curlfriends to our Winter Curly Hair Tips-part three! We got a chance to get a sneak peek into our Founder Keshia East’s Winter Curl Tips! To find out how to get gorgeous curls like her then carry on reading.  

Deep Conditioner: 

Winter is when I really pull out my deep conditioner. I usually try and deep condition/mask my hair weekly anyway, but in the winter I make sure this happens once a week if not twice a week. 


Hair oils:  

Winter is a great time to introduce oil into your hair care routine. I like to use the LOC method. So leave-in conditioner, oil then curl cream! It keeps my curls hydrated even in the cold weather. 


Nighttime Silk:

Silk pillowcases or hair bonnets are also great to use in any season. But in the winter months, it’s good to treat your hair to a little more TLC. Silk pillowcases help reduce frizz and knotting. (Try our silk pillowcase! -Don't say we never told you) 


Detangle with No Knot Co:

Now is the perfect time to get the perfect Detangler for your hair. I love my Gentle Detangler in the winter because it’s gentler on my hair and my hair tends to feel most bristle when the weather is cold.

 Final thoughts:

I hope you have enjoyed our winter Curly Hair tips series! If you liked reading through this series let us know in the comments and we will be sure to do another one next year! 

No Knot Co x

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