5 Best hair oils for dry damaged coily hair

5 Best hair oils for dry damaged coily hair

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How do I revive my dull dry looking hair? What hair oils are good for coily hair? Can someone help a sis out? 

Yes!!! We’re back again giving you some of the best hair oils to help with dryness, and keep your hair feeling smooth and soft! 

There are many causes that contribute to having dry hair making it feel and look damaged! It could be because you might not be drinking enough water, you’re stressed out, because believe it or not our hormones affect our hair too! So what we’re trying to say is look after yourself sis and everything will follow through.  Let us guide you through some amazing hair oils that can help revive your hair! 

In its natural form it is quite hard, and it is best to use when melted. To fully see the benefits of it, we recommend heating it up so that it becomes more like a liquid. You can incorporate this into your hair care routine by using it as pre-poo either overnight or for up to 30 minutes before you shower. Particularly if you have thick coarse hair. 

Why is it clever? Well because it has ricinoleic acid, which increases blood flow and circulation to your scalp. This encourages growth of your hair and nourishes it too! You can also incorporate this into your hair care routine as a hair mask- you can add some fresh ginger juice, either blend or grate and squeeze the juice out! Leave on for 20-30 minutes then rinse it out. 

It can revitalise your coils!! How? Well, it is said to have vitamin E and Omega-6 and lots of nutrients to help revive your natural hair! Particularly taking care of your scalp as its antiseptic nature maintains a healthy scalp. This truly helps to replenish and give your scalp a rest from dryness and even itchiness. 

For years and years these types of hair oils have worked amazingly across the world! Why? Well this is because they are filled with loads of benefits for your natural hair. So it works perfectly well with all curly hair types! Some of the more popular oils are amla, neem, brahmi to name a few. They work well with maintaining moisture as well as strengthening your hair. Amla oil is probably the most popular one you've heard of but there are many different ones out there that do the same job! 

Many centuries ago it is believed that the Moringa Tree is a magical tree because all parts of the tree can be used for making traditional African and Indian medicine. There is no surprise that the oil is packed with vitamin E which helps reduce shedding and is also good to put on while detangling as it creates more slip. It keeps your coils protected and smooth. 

Let us know in the comments which hair oils you love the most!

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